History of Diwali - Why is Diwali Celebrated?

By: Amilaa
History of Diwali - Why is Diwali Celebrated?: Hey guys, are you looking for Diwali festival story for your kids? Do you want amazing Diwali festival essay for students? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we are going to share best and amazing Diwali facts and significance of Diwali festival. 

Diwali is celebrated as a festival of lights, lights and colors are lit everywhere.

Why is Diwali Celebrated?
Why is Diwali Celebrated?
The most celebrated festival is for the harvest season or when something new is born on the earth. During the Kharif harvest season, Diwali arrives, bringing Laxmi, which is an opportunity to earn money.

Another reason is that Diwali falls in the winter when it gets dark outside. On Amavasya, where Diwali is celebrated, it is quite dark. There was no provision of light and the area was full of forests.

To remove this darkness, oil lamps were lit in front of the houses. Surrounded by forests, there were animals that roamed along. Firecrackers are thrown to expose them.

Even in winter, the body loses heat, causing hunger to meet the body's energy needs. Sweets are made from ghee and oil, which stabilize body heat by adding body fat. Fat is known to maintain body temperature.

Many high-fat foods have been prepared to meet the needs of the body.

Winter is also a time when everything around us dies. The shrubs are leafless and flowering and there is not much color in this area. Rangolis were dragged against the houses to spread color and cheer. Rice flour was also used to pull pigments feeding small ants and stray insects.

While this practice was celebrated as Diwali, it also means that when darkness cripples the mind and illuminates the light of knowledge, evil can disappear.

Ignorance is evil and can only be advanced by life. This light should illuminate itself in our mind to remove obstacles and walk in the path of good.

Other legends related to Diwali are:

1: Narakasura - Narakasura was a slayer who stole an ear and a crown from Indra's mother. He tells Lord Krishna to relieve him of his torture. Lord Krishna went to heaven with Satyabhama taken by Narakasura, and returned 16,000 women who were held hostage. They eventually marry Lord Krishna, as no one is ready to accept them. Narakasura has the privilege of being killed only by his mother. It is believed that Satyabhama is the mother of Narakasura, who is also an incarnation of Mother Earth. During the Koram avatar, when Hiranyak's earth was thrown into the sea, Lord Vishnu saved him from his beautiful avatar. At that time his seed fell on the ground and hence Narakasura was born. With Satyabhama's hands, Narakasura gets agitated and Lord Krishna gives the lost crown and crown back to Aditi from Aditi. It is celebrated as the victory of good over evil.

2. Return of Lord Rama - After killing Ravana by Lord Rama, he returned from 14 years of exile. This day is celebrated for its victory.

3. We all know about the stormy sea, where Lord Vishnu incarnated as a kurma or turtle and took the temple mountain on his back. With the help of Vasuki, a riot erupted into the sea by the gods of the sea tails and asuras, releasing poison. Many of those things have come about as the sea has changed, such as the Parijat tree, the moon, the Paras stone, Kamandenu, Iravati, Hallahal (poison consumed by Lord Shiva), Dhanvantari (known as the God of Medicine is). Dhanteras in his name), Goddess Lakshmi is celebrated. This day was also celebrated as the birth of Goddess Lakshmi from the sea, the birth of Lakshmi Puja and Dhanvantari, the Dhanvantari of medicine.

4. It is said that a son was given who would die the next day of his marriage. Finally the king marries his son. His wife got an eye. She plans to save her life. At night when Lord Yama came to kill her husband, she decorated the house and the surrounding area with lights and lamps. He also keeps all his gold outside the house. Lord Yama comes as a snake to kill her husband. But the shining gold and light blinds his vision and he disappears. In this way she can save her husband's life. A small lamp is lit in front of the house so that God does not enter Yama's house. Deepak is known as Yamadipam.

5: Yami and Yama: Yami and Yama were twins who were very close to each other. It is said that Yami and Yami's mother Aditi were unable to withstand the heat and thus produced a clone named. Sun God is not aware of this. One day, Yama died due to a dispute over the Shadow Curse. Therefore it became the first mortal to die on Earth and eventually became God. When the Sun God comes to know of this, he curses the shadow from his palace. Due to the curse, Yama eventually dies and goes to Earth. It is said that he comes once a year to meet Yami, who is celebrated brother-in-law as a brother-sister relationship, and to praise his innocent and unconditional love.

6. This day also has meaning in Jain and Sikh community. It is celebrated in various parts of the country.

Therefore, this day was celebrated across the country as Diwali, giving people time to get out of today's stressful lifestyle and celebrate with family and friends.